Global vision, personal action

Cassa Lombarda Asset Management is a highly specialised investment service for those looking to allocate capital in accordance with their goals, making the most of the opportunities offered by the market.

The Asset Management Team’s philosophy revolves around striking the best possible balance between protecting and growing your assets.


  • wide range of solutions
  • multistrategy flexible asset allocation
  • tailor-made personalisation
  • systematic diversification
  • risk control
  • timely and detailed reporting
  • tax optimisation
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These are highly differentiated investment strategies characterised by specific management styles, investment goals, levels of volatility, and time horizons. Other hallmarks are the investment process and the main financial instruments involved. The client delegates the broadest possible authority to the asset manager to achieve the investment goals in accordance with agreed specific guidelines. All strategies give the…

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They represent a highly personalised asset management service allowing for a dynamic portfolio allocation that is consistent with the Client’s different investment needs. It is designed for Clients of high standing seeking to participate in the definition of their own portfolio while relying on a highly qualified service. The 2 Personalised Asset Management families are divided in turn into several investment profiles…

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