The financial instruments used consist mainly of funds.


Socio-demographic themes

Geopolitical, social, demographic, technological, and climate changes have steadily accelerated in recent years, creating extraordinary investment opportunities for those who can recognize and interpret them in advance.

The portfolio is invested in a blend of the following themes:

  • population: ageing, genomics, millennials, urbanisation, education, globesity, vanity capital;
  • earth: energy efficiency, climate changes, water, waste, food security;
  • innovation: technology, internet of things, robotics, cybersecurity, e-commerce, mobility;
  • geopolitics: inequality, reforms, regulations.

€ 50.000

100% MSCI World EUR


Growth in digital services

The revolution is driven by the smart use of Big Data—the myriad of information from the internet, social networks, sales data, customer databases, and several other sources. The financial world is undergoing a radical change with the arrival of FinTech companies, which seek to make financial services more and more efficient. In this galaxy of confidential information, sensitive data, and online payments, the risks of privacy breaches and infringement of intellectual property rights as well as frauds are increasingly bolstering the Cyber Security industry, as network security becomes key.

The widespread adoption of digital products is triggering a series of fundamental social, economic and political changes. Digital innovations are revolutionising our way of life, education, trade, healthcare, transportation, and cities—which are becoming increasingly smart.

The portfolio is invested in the following sub-sectors:

  • big data;
  • fintech;
  • cyber security.

€ 150.000

100% MSCI World EUR