CEO letter – Communication on the COVID-19 health emergency

Dear Customers, with regard to the evolution of the health emergency from COVID-19 and in compliance with the new provision made by the Government (DPCM November 3, 2020), we confirm that the Bank continues to operate, in compliance with the measures aimed at safeguarding health and the safety of customers and their employees. We therefore confirm that:
  • we are scrupulously complying with every provision of the Authorities on the subject in question and we carefully monitor any new communications to this effect;
  • we have adopted extraordinary measures relating to the opening hours of the branch to the public and the management of meetings with customers;
  • are available and, therefore, we promote the use of all remote communication channels in order to minimize social contacts.
In order to reconcile the need to ensure operational continuity with the protection of the health and safety of all, a reduction in the opening hours for the Headquarters and Branches has been defined. Starting today and until further notice, our counters will be operational only from 8:30 to 13:00, with numerical limitations on entrances (one person at a time). Outside the Bank, near public access, specific information will be made available to provide the information defined by the Bank, as well as the security measures to be taken. Any meetings with your sales representative, who remains available for any needs, will be regulated by appointment. It is also advisable to privilege remote interviews, giving rise to meetings where strictly necessary, where physical presence is essential. We therefore inform you that, in light of the above and in compliance with the measures set up, the Bank’s services will be regularly provided both in the Milan office and in all branches, albeit with the aforementioned limitations. We take this opportunity to recall the possibility of carrying out the main branch operations through the digital channels Internet Banking / Core Banking and the “ Cassa Lombarda Mobile ” app. Our Private Bankers and Financial Advisors are also available for any form of remote interview, via videoconference and telephone, being able to guarantee the usual operations in any case even in smart working mode. Cassa Lombarda will follow the evolution of the situation day by day, promptly providing appropriate updates. Sincerely, Paolo Vistalli Chief Executive Officer and General Manager